You're Talking a Lot, But You're Not Saying Anything


How does commentary affect the world around us?

About Talking A Lot

Hi, I’m Kerry. This blog started as my directed study in the impact of commentary on online publishing, conducted to complete requirements for a Master of Arts in Publishing at Emerson College. Topics covered ranged from the nature and purpose of online publishing to the implications of “commentary,” encompassing everything from “lol” and “first” to thoughtful commentary that elicits further discussion. Basically, the point was to discover what is really being said in the midst of all this online commentary, and if or how such independent points of view can be harnessed by publishers to provide additional value to original content.

Now that I’ve graduated from Emerson, this blog will likely morph into a bit more generalized take on electronic publishing, online commentary/blogging/tweeting, and technology in general. You can learn more about me at or read some more of my writing at


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