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How does commentary affect the world around us?

Blogging: The New Revolution?

Much has been made of the “blog revolution,” empowering the average American to voice his or her opinion online, at length (or briefly, as the case may be). But in Zero Comments, Geert Lovink makes the case that blogging is a more explicit form of sticking it to the man than it’s often given credit for. Calling blogging a form of “creative nihilism that openly questions the hegemony of mass media,” Lovink goes on to explain blogging’s status as an alternative that not only questions but potentially threatens the traditional media industry.

Given the difficulties that newspapers have had staying in print, with many papers moving online-only and others (like the Boston Globe) up for sale, it seems that even if blogging or alternative online journalism has not yet risen to the level of traditional media, the traditional media have at least been wounded. Is this good, bad, or ugly for media as a whole? Given the tendency of mass media to over-focus on the same inane story, reporting the same details as every other channel (Michael Jackson’s passing is a good example) while ignoring the possibility that bigger, undiscovered stories might exist to be reported on rather than regurgitated, it seems that blogs have emerged as an important alternative that will at least keep mainstream media on their toes, if not necessarily thinking on their feet.


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